Tunisia: Lifestyle, Dwelling and Other Peculiarities

Tunisia — is a mixture of religion, traditions, rules, old and modern images as well. In spite of the European closeness and its similarities in some aspects, Tunisia still remains the country of the Islamic world, and you will feel that, while come here. Therefore, it is interesting indeed to know peculiarities of this beautiful country.

What should you know about Tunisian life before you go here

Tunisians and Their Lifestyle

If you ask Tunisians about the attitude to politics, religion or other tricky and not so spread topics, you will see that they are more liberal and tolerant than citizens of neighbourhood countries. You will not see to many women in waggle, more likely to see them in more urban clothes similar to the Western style, but still it can be assumed inappropriate by some Muslims. That is why Tunisians are a bit influenced by other countries, though very dosed. They are vigilant about that influences of other cultures. It could be vividly seen during the 90s of the previous century, when a wave of conservatism came back with ambiguous perception of the women appearance in public places. In rural territories.this conservatism still preserved.

Tunisians on their own nature are happy and friendly people. They appreciate their family, friends and know the value of time spent together, while the well-being, environment and life standards are assumed as lower than an average European one. Tunisians possess a good professional skill, punctuality and time, though salaries are not so high.

What should you know about Tunisian life before you go here

Dwelling in Tunis

Though some Arabic countries are a bit non-touristic and considered to be a hazardous, a lot of Tunisian places are quite popular among tourists, especially ancient city of Carthage. Due to this popularity the housing market here is developed better than in any other county in North Africa. It is quite a good practice among foreign buyers to have a pair of flats or even a full multi-storey housing and a right for a real estate property owned by another citizen was applicable already since 2006 (called open foreign ownership). They usually do search for the most affordable prices and tourists driven places, as far as touristic property market is concentrated directly in the places of interest, close to the city centre and other locations with amusements.

Pros and Cons of the Rural Housing

People living far from Tunisia centre and sea coast resorts, mean in villages, and rural places, usually live there historically, though some of them transferred from a big city seeking for a distant privacy. They do farming and keep fields along with other activities, like making crafts and planting. The problem is water scarcity, and the percentage per capita of the renewable water reservoirs which is low. Tunisia is considered a county with water-shortage conditions. Solution that rural people found out was to supply water from other regions, but it takes much efforts and money. Water in city is brought from mountain regions and seaside areas can hope for the rainfalls only. Sewage dumped previously are now treated and recycled.