Investment Attractiveness of Tunisia: Why to Invest?

This county hosts millions people from the West and East. They are  usually searching here a leisure or a business to run. It is really true situation, Tunisia started gather not only people dreaming to lost on a sweet summer coast lane, but also people that see this place as a good business spot.

 Cities to Invest

Business Issue

Closeness of the capital city Tunis to a plenty of European cities, like London, Paris, Madrid, makes it more attractive for a business. In a case of Tunis, business here is connected with people, which come here for a holiday, and it is a must for them to come and have a good flat, transport, some architecture to see, infrastructure, sometimes galleries or other attractions, for example an amusement park (perfect option for a big family with children).

In a 2015 an analyst Bassam Neifer said that Tunisia-based equity market had a vivid positive trend and predicted a growth in 2017. As we can see his predictions were not simply words, nowadays housing industry moves from its construction phase to a sales phase. Despite the tough situation in 2015, in 2017 projects revenue are constantly growing and frozen projects get renovated in construction.

 Cities to Invest

Cities to Invest

Tunisia as a travel destination has an arrow of cities where a numerous property for rent/sale is prevailed. Coastline villas, single or combined flats are mostly spread in the clue cities. You can find property in Tunisia at the following cities:

  • El Kef, north-west of Tunisia. Famous for the Byzantine architecture;
  • Gabes, east of Tunisia. Popula. It is a coastline hub that possess a variety of housing as for sale as well for rent;
  • Kairouan, pilgrimage spot. Place is characterised by a variety of local markets and traditional carpets.
  • Sousse, coastline resort. Place is famous being counted at the UNESCO World Heritage list. Dwellings like villas and luxury apartments is available for rent/sale purposes;
  • Tozeur, before the oases in the Sahara. It is a well-known attraction among treasure explorers and tourists traveled by foot.

Most tourists come to the capital city Tunis, but coastal cities like Bizerte, Sfax, Sousse and Gabes are also on the priority of tourists choice. A typical Tunisia city usually has a main mosque, a local market, and a bath, which are with interaction.of prays and urbanity, nevertheless public bath remains from the time when a personal cleanliness was in a high concern but most citizens had no one in their own house.

List is presented to describe the property possibilities. Running a dwelling business here is more likely, than in other.

Price Statement

Prices for a rent per month are variable. It depends on the number of rooms and location of course. Well, you can rent a flat (1 bedroom) in the city centre for 410.38 DT (max is up to 600.00 DT) or outside the centre for 295.68 DT (1 TND = 0.409799 USD).

As for the sale price, an average cost for square meter in the city centre is 2,171.76 DT while outside the centre is 1,345.69 DT.