Housing in Tunisia and What You Need to Know

Finding a good place to settle down in is everyone’s dream. There are several options when it comes to choosing the kind of house to settle in. While most people would like to own their own homes, it is not that easy. Most of the people have to pass by the renting phase first. Renting comes with several challenges. This article reflects on various classes of housing in Tunisia for renting.

Housing in Tunisia

  • Low Class Areas

This is typically the places where the houses are relatively cheap to the ordinary citizen. All other commodities are also cheap. Food prices are not high. The only challenge in this area is that the area is quite congested. There is minimal spacing between the houses. Privacy is also an issue. Due to the congestion, there is a high risk of contracting communicable diseases in case of an outbreak. Regardless of the disadvantages, it is still a good place to settle down when you are starting out in life. Most of the people living here earn between 1 dollar and 100 dollars per month.

Housing in Tunisia

  • Middle Class Area

This is the area where people earning between 100 dollars and 700 dollars live. The housing is better. There is not so much congestion though the place is still populated. Estates can be found here. The food is a bit expensive compared to the low class areas. Housing is also expensive. Security in this area is okay. You can comfortably drive up to midnight without any fear. There is also reduces risk of contracting communicable diseases. An example of this area is Belvedere and omrane.

Housing in Tunisia

  • High Class Area

This is the region for the wealthy in the society. The area is sparsely populated since not many people can afford the rent. Food is also expensive. The security is however very good. You can comfortably drive anytime. There is minimal risk of contracting communicable diseases. People here do not share any common amenities, therefore reducing the risk of any communicable disease spreading. There is a lot of privacy in this region since the houses are far apart. This is an advantage since in the case of fire, only one house will burn. An example of this area is La Marsa, La Goulette and Carthage.

Tunisia is a very lovely place to live in. It is rich in culture and a lot of diversity. There are also great beach houses for people who love water. The Mediterranean Sea offers quite an outstanding view.