What You Must Know To Buy Apartments In Barcelona

Are you planning to move to Barcelona for a long-term period? Searching for an apartment to buy in one of the most beautiful cities of Catalan Spain? Then you have to get ready as it may be not that easy as it seems. Barcelona is one of the largest real estate markets of Europe and it brings challenges as well as opportunities. So here is everything you should be aware of before conducting purchase of property in Barcelona.


Given a variety of Barcelona apartments for sale in terms of newness, furnishing and design decisions, and locations, Barcelona can satisfy even the most sophisticated property buyers. Though to make sure that one fully understands the peculiarities of the local life, especially in the chosen apartments in barcelona for sale, one should conduct the so-called “field research”. It means, to visit the chosen neighbourhood and talk to prospective neighbours.


During the visit to the chosen property, it is advised to take notes and photos to ensure that you remember everything and will be able to reconsider your decision later with fresh mind and thoughts. Sometimes neighbours can give you a better insight into what it is like to live in the chosen community. This step should not be omitted, especially when exploring houses for sale in Barcelona, such a vibrant, picturesque and diverse city.

Buy-sell Transaction To Keep In Mind

Obviously, not a single selling or buying of property is done without paying the accompanying fees and charges. For Barcelona apartments for sale, the following list of charges and taxes applies:


  • Taxes: Depending on the type of property for sale, different tax rates apply. In case of a newly built property, a buyer is to pay VAT in the amount of 10% of the purchase value. As regards, the second-hand property, charges may be slightly lower and differ between 5% and 10%  of the price.
  • Spendings: Notary costs range between 0,1% – 0,5% of the mortgage. Costs for registry would amount to approximately 200 euros while administration fee can be 150 – 300 euros.
  • Mortgage tax: There is a special tax rate for the mortgage that is called tax over Actos Jurídicos Documentados and amounts to 0,1% – 1% of mortgage depending on the comunidad + 0,5% for the mortgage responsibility.
  • Mortgage fees: Mortgage fees include validation fee of 300-500 euros. The amount depends on the bank chosen for verification ot the property’s market value. Then, notary fee amounting to 500-1000 euros depending on the value of mortgage. As regards, registry and administration fees, they equal to 160 euros and 300 euros, respectively.
  • Additional fee for mortgage: bank commission which ranges between 0,25% and 1% of the mortgage – applies only if the bank has a commission for opening the mortgage. The last but not the least is the insurance fee standing for the home insurance of up to 200 euros.



Generally, choice of apartments in Barcelona can become rather a pleasure than a struggle when keeping the above regulations and hints in mind.

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